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With over 20 years of experience, FRIGO STAHL delivers industrial and commercial construction services for projects of all scopes and sizes, in addition to a full-suite of engineering solutions covering the entire asset lifecycle. Our one-stop-shop approach combines all services under a single contract – from design to delivery – allowing clients to benefit from working with one team throughout the development of the entire project.

Our professional team has extensive experience covering all client requirements – from risk management and safety to mechanical engineering and automation. And as we undertake both project design and construction, we are able to adjust quickly to changes, with each step of the project effortlessly dovetailing the next.

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We are trusted by Leading Domestic and Multinational Companies

Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. We are proud to have successfully designed, built, and delivered hundreds of mechanical and refrigeration installations to the leading companies within Greece’s food industry, where FRIGO STAHL is widely regarded the leading player. From automated production lines to food processing units, to large-scale logistics centres and commercial offices, we are committed to providing superior solutions to our clients.

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Construction of a brand new multi cold store complex as an extension of the existing cold store-sorting building at the company’s facilities in Tirnavos. The project included earthwork and landscaping, complete building construction of 15 cold stores and ancillary spaces, refrigeration installations and environmental protection, as well as energy saving equipment.
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Industrial Projects

Nova Packaging

Design and construction of a state-of-the-art paperboard folding carton manufacturing unit in Sindos Industrial Area with a floor area exceeding 23.000 m², including two-storey offices, other internal areas, complete M&E installations and extensive landscaping work.
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Industrial Projects


Construction of two 30m high self-supporting cold stores, where the shelves are the supporting structure of the whole building and the base for the refrigeration equipment. The construction is airtight to enable operations in a low oxygen environment, and eliminate fire hazards.
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Engineering Solutions


Construction of a new industrial unit consisting of 20 cold stores, refrigerated corridors, loading areas as well as three-storey offices.
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Commercial Projects


Construction of an industrial building, for the receipt, sorting and storage of olives in ripening tanks, construction of a waste treatment plant, construction of a reservoir (pond) in the surrounding area for the collection of liquid waste, as well as a three-storey office building.
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Commercial Projects


We know that each customer has a unique set of needs. And yet, all industrial facilities need to support the flow of goods while maximizing the available productive space. The FRIGO STAHL process kicks off with an initial assessment through which our design and engineering team understand the intended purpose and specific requirements of our client’s facility. We then present a detailed and comprehensive plan to our client that covers the complete lifecycle of the industrial project, inclusive of design, engineering, automation, construction, and preventative maintenance. Upon approval, we design and build your facility subject to a 100% price guarantee and a specific deadline, with all services under a single contract – from design to delivery.

No matter how complex your industrial project is, whether it’s large or small, we will find a solution that fully meets your requirements.

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