20 years

20 years
of designing, building
and offering solutions

The principles and values of FRIGOSTAHL

Design Department

We offer 100% build price

guarantee for every design we
take on internally.

Safety – Environment

Safety is our priority

We operate a strict health and
safety policy based on
international standards.

Direct & frequent collaboration
between design team & construction site

The direct and regular contact
of our design team with the teams
on site, brings us top results.

Organisation of FRIGOSTAHL

The power of raw materials

DOMICON FRIGOSTAHL’s branch specialising in building materials ensures low prices, adequate product stock and flexibility in each project.

INOXIA FRIGOSTAHL’s branch, which designs, manufactures and supplies all the necessary stainless steel components used in projects.

We grow together
with our customers
& our partners

150 Cold Storage facilities
85 Food industries
5 Supermarket chains
55 Industrial buildings
2 Specialised branches