Health & Safety


Our inspiration in FRIGOSTAHL, comes from our employees. We place particular
emphasis on the work environment ensuring the best possible working conditions.
Our staff’s health and safety is a high priority for us and for that reason we care to
provide a safe working environment to all. On site, we always operate under a
strict health and safety policy based on international standards.

In addition to the above, all of our staff are covered by private health insurance
as well as preventive medical care.


The safety of our customers and of their property is just as important as
ours. All of our activities from the smallest maintenance job up to the largest
construction, are covered by insurance contracts which ensure that both our
own and our client’s staff participating in the project are covered in case of an
accident. Also covered by insurance are facilities, existing and new customer
projects, the maintenance work we perform (emergency or regular) as well as
material handling and shipping.


As part of our commitment towards our employees and their work environment,
we have integrated, into our operation, business practices according to SEDEX
organisation (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) concerning the exchange of
information on ethics in the professional activities and trade. We get assessed
systematically, with results being published for the important and ethical practices
we apply in FRIGOSTAHL in the following areas:

  • Labour legislation
  • Health and safety
  • Environment
  • Business ethics



Energy saving is a responsibility towards the environment we live in and leads to the
conservation of natural resources. In all of our projects we aim for a low as possible
energy and carbon footprint embracing our eco-friendly perception.

Large Cold Stores-Warehouses are major energy consumers. With our experience
and expertise, we are able to advise our customers about the choice of the right technical
solutions that will help them limit their energy consumption and we encourage them to
maintain a systematic maintenance schedule.
Similarly, we encourage the technological upgrading of older facilities and management
systems in order to reduce energy use and water consumption.

As far as we are concerned, we follow proper and environmentally friendly recycling
practices in all of our construction sites. We work with recycling companies and recycle
packaging materials and resulting construction debris.