Our many years of experience in doing projects for multinational groups and the construction of many projects abroad brought us into contact with leading design offices that set strict rules and specify high standards in construction. We apply this know-how and practice to every project we undertake.


In FRIGOSTAHL, we believe that information should be disseminated horizontally. Our aim is to respond directly and horizontally to any customer needs. We trust our partners and we believe that the solution to potential construction issues can arise from any of them. That is why we encourage all people involved in a project to express their opinion hence we follow an open door policy.


From FRIGOSTAHL’s day one we have been aiming at carrying out all of our projects with our own in-house project team. This has led to the formation of an experienced and skilled creative force that has been working non-stop for 20 years, undertaking projects with particular requirements in the industrial sector.

In FRIGOSTAHL, designers meet with project engineers as well as maintenance engineers on a regular basis to discuss and exchange views on the project. We have learned to work as a team and trust each other’s abilities as well as the ability to propose the right solution that will make the construction process better and more efficient.


At FRIGOSTAHL, we have a tagline that expresses our relationship with our customers, partners and peers. “Growing together” means we evolve together, develop together, become better together. It captures our everyday life where we see our clients grow with us. We create the same parallel development relationships with our partners and our peers, who are constantly evolving and improving.

We like long-term growth relationships, and for this reason we are investing our energy and thought into this perception.

Clients with whom we have development relationships