Organisational Structure FRIGOSTAHL


In FRIGOSTAHL, Design Engineers and Project Engineers work side by side, and for all of us, responsibility towards the customer is just as important. This is FRIGOSTAHL’s management philosophy and for this reason there are no directors. This philosophy supervises employees less while promoting their increased involvement in the decision-making and problem solving process and this is what we value the most in our company.

With this flat and simple organisational structure, FRIGOSTAHL remains flexible and efficient.


The biggest hurdle of any industrial project is time. In FRIGOSTAHL, we have managed to make time our ally, by removing excess layers of management, which improves the coordination and speed of communication between employees as well as encourages an easier decision-making process among them. The architects work side by side with the engineers (Civil, Mechanical,Electrical), and they all meet regularly with the construction site managers to address any existing or potential issues of the project.

FRIGOSTAHL puts great trust in its people and in the decisions they make, which given our flexible organisational structure allows them to implement them directly by aiming at the optimisation of the construction time.



While aiming at its vertical integration, FRIGOSTAHL has created two branches, INOXIA and DOMICON. Each one of them has its own commercial activity, but they also help to secure prices and stock of materials that are required in FRIGOSTAHL’s projects.

INOXIA is a company with a long tradition in the field of stainless steel constructions and accessories. It has an integrated production line and at the same time ensures raw material from a continuously expanding stock. INOXIA operates autonomously, introducing a wide range of materials (raw materials and components). Part of the materials are being processed and all builds are completed in our privately-owned facilities.

DOMICON, with a dynamic presence in building materials since 2012, has managed to become the necessary “partner in building” for commercial and construction companies, as well as private individuals.

With a total area of 16,000m2 of privately-owned facilities, of which 5,000m2 are covered warehouses and offices of the two branches, it is able to maintain sufficient stock of a full range of materials, more than adequate of serving any project undertaken by FRIGOSTAHL.


The project is a living organism that in reality begins to live after its completion and handover. Its maintenance must be carried out by experienced personnel at regular intervals. That is why it is very important for the maintenance engineer to be immediately present to provide the appropriate solution to the problem, especially when it comes to critical installations (i.e. cold stores, logistics centers – chillers, special industrial/production units). We are well aware that in industries, if a segment ceases to operate, the cost is high and it usually affects other departments as well.

Having tremendous experience and expertise in projects requiring regular maintenance, we place particular emphasis in preventive maintenance. We sign maintenance and direct technical support contracts with our clients and we tend to keep the same maintenance engineers per facility over time, thus ensuring a better and more direct result.