Decades of entrepreneurial experience and a customer-centric approach are the keys to our success

FRIGO STAHL’s journey commenced over twenty years ago in Veria (Imathia – Central Macedonia). We first specialized in industrial projects – refrigeration installations and engineering solutions – and then diversified into commercial construction, seven years later, with the development of office buildings and warehouses. Shortly after, we moved our headquarters to the Northern city of Thessaloniki, which set the stage for our international expansion to Romania, Cyprus, and Bulgaria.

In 2012, driven by the belief that we could best serve our clients by single sourcing both talent and building materials, we established DOMICON – a distributor of building materials – and INOXIA – a stainless steel structure manufacturer.

FRIGO STAHL was established with a strong understanding of client needs, and we have grown to become an industry leader by listening to the needs of our customers – and following them wherever they need us. This drove our entry into Sudan in 2015, the establishment of our internal design team in 2017, and is the guiding principle under which we operate today – always surpassing our customers’ expectations.

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Company Structure

FRIGO STAHL’s headquarters in Thessaloniki – in Greece’s Northern region of Central Macedonia – are home to our administrative, operational, and technical departments. Our vertically integrated branches, DOMICON and INOXIA, are located in close proximity.

In an effort to respond swiftly to all of our customers’ needs, irrespectively of their location across the Greek territory, we have offices in Athens while we also count on permanent refrigeration engineers in Central Greece.

Our foreign subsidiaries in Cyprus and Romania, Refcon Limitied and Frigo Stahl Rom, respectively, are driving our international expansion.

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our core values

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  • Always Improving
  • Financial Stability
  • Uncompromising on Safety
  • We go the extra mile

Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by our people’s expertise, dedication, and skills, which is why we invest in expanding our team’s knowledge and adopting the newest technologies.